Stowloch Ozark Highlands Whiskey Tasting This Friday (4/14)

Friday, April 14

5-7 PM

Dogwood Wine and Spirits Ellisville

Join us as we welcome Mark Sutherland, Owner of Stone Ledge Distillery. Mark will be here to explain the process and story behind his Stowloch Whiskey. If you haven’t had an Ozark Highland Whiskey yet, you need to stop by for this!! This is a casual, meet and greet style tasting.

Stowloch™ is aged a minimum of four years in Missouri-manufactured barrels. The source water for this amazing whiskey is deep within America’s Ozark Highlands, purified and softened by the limestone that makes the Ozark Highlands one of only nine true highland regions in the world.

Stowloch™ is made using an imported recipe brought to the Americas by our distiller’s family in 1761. We use only heirloom, non-GMO grain and long fermentation to give this Ozark Highlands whiskey a pre-prohibition style that is sure to satisfy any palate. Since we use no rye in our mash, you will find a hint of sweet in every sip.

This sustainable, all-natural whiskey captures the essence of the 200-year history of Ozark Highlands distilling, and is sure to become one of your favorite drams.