New Beers 3/6/21

Scratch Ginger bottle-conditioned sour beer brewed without hops. made with pilsner malt from sugar creek malt, honey from royal bee in steeleville, and ginger from our garden, fermented with our wild house mixed culture. tart, spicy, refreshing.

Scratch Marigold bottle-conditioned farmhouse ale brewed without hops. bittered and flavored with whole marigold roots, stems, and flowers, and fermented with our wild house mixed culture. it was then aged for 9 months in neutral oak with a native wild yeast and finished with dried marigold flowers.

Maplewood Pan Cakes golden ale with maple, vanilla, & lactose

Maplewood Son of Shakey vanilla milkshake IPA

Maplewood Juice Pants hazy IPA

2nd Shift Silhouette russian style imperial stout with vanilla, cinnamon, cacao nibs, ancho chilis & arbol peppers. aged in BLiS maple & bourbon barrels.

Stone Viking Space Probe hazy double IPA

Stone Dayfall belgian-style wheat ale with bergamot orange peel & coriander

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